LLC AMC"Sparrow Invest"

Cooperation with us is a direct investment in the future

We will help you attract investment, save and increase your capital with the help of Joint Investment Institutions (CII).

CII is a corporate investment fund or mutual investment fund that carries out activities related to the pooling (attraction) of investors’ funds in order to profit from their investment in securities of other issuers, corporate rights and real estate.

CII is a special tool in the business structure that promotes the efficient use of financial resources.

The activity of CII is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Joint Investment Institutions”. According to the legislation of Ukraine, CII assets are managed by Asset Management Companies (AMCs).

Asset management activities are professional activities in the stock market. Carrying out asset management activities requires professional knowledge. The legislation sets certain requirements for the activity of AMC. This applies to the size of the authorized capital, premises, number and qualifications of the company’s specialists, requirements for the head of the company.

LLC AMC Sparrow Invest meets all the requirements of the legislation and has a license № ___ from ___.___._____.

The license was issued by the NSSMC on the basis of the Decision on the issuance of a license to conduct professional activities in the stock market – asset management activities of institutional investors.

Company services


Professional asset management, taking into account the properties of mutual investment institutions, makes it possible to achieve a high level of return on borrowed assets and solve the problems of inefficient management of financial flows.

The main activity of AMC Sparrow Invest LLC is asset management of mutual investment institutions , which provides for:


asset management of corporate investment funds (CIF) on the basis of an asset management agreement that includes full support of CIF activities. Client representatives have the opportunity to have full control over the activities of the fund.


asset management of mutual funds, owned by investors and managed by AMC and accounted for separately from the results of its business activities.


Analytical and consulting services on investment and asset management.


10. 01. 2023

(UA) В новий 2023 рік ТОВ КУА “СПАРРОУ ІНВЕСТ” входить з новим фондом в управлінні

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